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watchdog101 16th Jul, 2011+0
I picked up the phone but didn't say anything and the call dropped about 10 seconds later.
lilly 13th Jul, 2011+0
This person called asking for our CEO, acted as if they knew her. When I asked if I could help them, as her assistant they said no, that they would call back later. We are on the do not call list.
Carol Hamilton 13th Jul, 2011+0
Tired of getting unwanted calls on a newly activated TracFone. Don't know who the call is from and don't care, just quit calling. You didn't call me before, you don't need to call me now on my new phone.
Winner 11th Jul, 2011+0
These people call and hang up when we answer the phone and also call and do not leave messages on a daily basis.
Jonnie 11th Jul, 2011+0
Mortgage Now
kakaroto 8th Jul, 2011+0
FRAUD!! Caller inmediately asked for credit card info! Claim to be from a company called Card Services, who I have never signed up with.
Evan 7th Jul, 2011+0
This number calls me all times of the day, everyday and it"s getting quite annoying. I answer the phone and no one say's anything. Does anybody know who this is? I called the number back, and all you get is an automated recording that states to hold for the next representative.
BR 6th Jul, 2011+0
Regarding a poll for pres.
char 5th Jul, 2011+0
miss call3 times n fax
abc 4th Jul, 2011+0
Keeps calling my job regarding a legal matter
m mouse 4th Jul, 2011+0
don,t know
Horanoff 3rd Jul, 2011+0
I got my call around two-ish, I answered and there was silence. Everytime I call back I get a busy signal.
yghjfgyhj 1st Jul, 2011+0
called threatening me and demanding i call them back and need an attorny, the do not speek good english will not stop calling they call from private also they threating you then wish you good luck
bronwyn 30th Jun, 2011+0
Cell call at 11:04PM

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